Helping Communities Assist Victims of Crime and Trauma

Mission Statement: To respond effectively to the needs of victims of crime and traumatic events.


Intervention and Support: Victim support workers are specially-trained to respond to traumatic and criminal incidents with professionalism, sensitivity, compassion and knowledge of crisis and trauma as well as available resources. Examples of traumatic and criminal incidents Midwest Victim Services responds to are: notification of kin following a sudden death, accident/crime scene accompaniment, hospital visits, sexual assault and domestic violence incidents.

Midwest Victim Services will:  

  • Respond to crisis and trauma incidents to provide emotional and practical support during the first few critical hours
  • Provide a listening ear, comfort and reassurance
  • Visit you at home, hospital, or talk to you by telephone
  • Help prepare you for court and even accompany you if you wish
  • Help lessen the effects crime has on its victims


We want you to know that you are not alone.

Information: When you want information about your case, we act as a direct resource to those handling your police file. There’s no guessing or confusion. Our goal is to lessen the effects crime has on its victims. Your questions about police procedures, the court system and other important matters will be answered promptly and completely.

Some questions you may have as a victim:

  • Has an arrest been made?
  • When is my court date?
  • What is a Victim Impact Statement and how do I fill one out?
  • Who is the police officer in charge of my case?
  • Can I be compensated for my loss?


Referral: Putting you in touch with other community agencies and organizations that may be helpful is part of our service. These referrals include counseling, crisis lines, shelters, funeral homes, social services, etc. We refer our clients to long term assistance when needed.