Helping Communities Assist Victims of Crime and Trauma

2020-2021 Board of Directors



Lillian Arneson- Board Chair- Civilian Member

S/Sgt. Ron Robninson- Turtleford RCMP Representative

Sgt. Jolyne Harrision- Maidstone RCMP Representative

S/Sgt. Ken Burnouf – Onion Lake RCMP Representative

S/Sgt. Sarah Knelsen – Lloydminster RCMP Representative

Brenda Yanota – Treasurer & Civilian Member

Bert Sibilleau- Civilian Member

Rhonda Schwenk – Secretary & Civilian Member

Jim Spenrath- Civillian Member

Bonnie Armstrong- Civilian Member


Role of the Board

As the corporate body that supports the Midwest Victim Services Program, the Board is responsible for the development of goals and policies to guide the provision of services rendered within the Program, in keeping with the requirements of legislation. The Victim Service program Boards are accountable to the Provincial Government, including the Ministry of Justice and Attorney General, Victim Services Branch (Funding Agreement) and Corporate Registry (Non-profit Corporations Act, 1995).

Board Responsibilities

The Victim Services Board of Directors is responsible to govern the corporation (organization) with diligence, fulfilling its duty of care, including fiduciary and statutory obligations. The directors make informed decisions as a group, and are collectively responsible to fulfill the purpose and goals of the non-profit corporation. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, directors may not transfer decision-making authority/voting rights to others by a form of proxy. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Meet Criminal Record and Indices requirements as per the Victim Services Branch Funding Agreement, and, criminal record and indices check as determined by the RCMP or as further dictated by local policy;
  • Oversee the Victim Services program and its delivery of services to clients in accordance with the Victim Services Branch Funding Agreement and through effective governance practices;
  • Be formed in accordance with and adhere to the guidelines set out in The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 1995;
  • Implement governance policy and ensure the development, implementation and review of operational policies such as human resources, occupational health and safety, financial, vehicle use, etc.;
  • Create and maintain current by-laws;
  • Develop personnel position descriptions appropriate to the needs of the individual program;
  • Hire, terminate and complete performance reviews of the Coordinator;
  • Support the Coordinator in the hiring, termination and performance reviews of staff and volunteer personnel;
  • In conjunction with the Coordinator, formulate, implement and assess short-term and long-term goals for the program;
  • Liaise with the RCMP and become familiar with RCMP policy and guidelines in respect to Victim Services;
  • Facilitate fund raising as required;
  • Develop and maintain partnerships with community agencies to promote the program;
  • Maintain a positive program image in the community;
  • Recruit new Board members as required;
  • Provide Board development and training;
  • Meet the reporting requirements of the Victims Services Branch and the RCMP; and
  • Identify and address any actual or perceived conflict of interest situations involving members of the Board of Directors.


If you are interested in being a Midwest Victim Services Board Director please contact the office at 780-874-5022.