Helping Communities Assist Victims of Crime and Trauma

How can Victims Compensation help me?

It can provide you with payment for reasonable expenses resulting from a violent crime.* While compensation may not address all of your concerns as a victim, it may help you recover some of the expenses related to the crime. Expenses resulting from property crimes are not covered by Victims Compensation.

*Eligible offences as identified in the Victims of Crime Regulations, 1997.

What are some examples of “reasonable expenses”?
â loss of income where it is not covered by Employment Insurance, Workers Compensation or an insurance plan;
â counselling, including traditional Aboriginal healing methods, while you are involved in the criminal justice process;
â ambulance costs;
â clothing damaged as a result of the crime; and
â medical or dental bills, including prescriptions not covered by a medical plan.

How long does it take for a victim to receive payment?

It usually takes four weeks to review a claim. Payments follow about one week after the claim is approved.

How do I apply?

If you have been the victim of a violent crime, you must report the crime to the police. Local Victims Services programs associated with police are located in most parts of the province. To obtain a Victims Compensation Application form and for help completing it, contact your nearest Victims Services Office, Police Service or Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice.

What should I include with my application?

You must attach bills and receipts showing expenses. The Victims Compensation Manager will obtain medical reports and employers’ statements regarding lost wages if needed.

Do I need a lawyer to apply?


When can I apply?

You can apply up to two years after the date of the crime.

What if I was a victim of sexual abuse committed years ago?

Victims of historical sexual assault may not be ready to report to police for a number of years. In these cases, victims may apply for compensation within two years after the report was made to police.

What if the victim is unable to apply?

If the victim is unable to apply because of age, physical injury or other reasons, others may apply on the victim’s behalf. Please contact Victims Services for more information.

In the case of death, can the victim’s dependants apply for assistance under Victims Compensation?

A parent or guardian of dependant children of a homicide victim or the estate may apply for:
â loss of support for the dependant children;
â funeral expenses for the victim.

In addition, immediate family members of homicide victims may apply for compensation for the costs of counselling.

Can I appeal if I am denied compensation?

Yes. Contact the Manager, Victims Compensation for more information about this process.

To receive more information about Victims Services, contact:

Victims Services
Ministry of Justice
Rm 610 - 1874 Scarth Street
Regina, SK  S4P 4B3
Phone: (306) 787-3500
Toll Free: 1-888-286-6664
Fax: (306) 787-0081
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