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What is the Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program?

The Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program provides a financial benefit to eligible victims of violent crime in Alberta, as an acknowledgment of their victimization. Benefits are based on the victim’s verified injuries. The program does not pay for any costs or losses related to the crime (i.e. personal property loss, damages, lost wages or medical costs). The program is administered under the Victims of Crime Act and Regulation. Benefit amounts are set in the Victims of Crime Regulation

The Financial Benefits Program has a death benefit available to survivors of victims who died as a result of a violent crime in Alberta. The application must meet eligibility criteria for the death benefit to be awarded.

Funding for the Financial Benefits Program comes entirely from the Victims of Crime Fund. This fund is fully financed by surcharges on provincial offence fines and surcharges imposed by the courts under the Criminal Code of Canada.

Are costs and losses paid?

No. The Financial Benefits Program does not pay for costs or losses. For example, it does not cover property damage, medical expenses, funeral costs, loss of wages, or pain and suffering. Victims may seek restitution or take civil action to recover costs or losses from the offender. Contact your nearest Victim Services Unit or police service for information on these processes. Information is also available on the Alberta government website at

Who is eligible for financial benefits?

You may be eligible for a financial benefit if:

  • you were the victim of one of the eligible offences listed in the Victims of Crime Regulation;
  • the crime happened in Alberta;
  • you reported the crime to police within a reasonable time;
  • you cooperated fully with the police investigation; and
  • your application was received within two years of the date of the crime. Do not wait for charges to be laid or for a conviction before applying.


The program recognizes child victims and significantly incapacitated adults are not in a position to apply on their own. In those instances, a guardian or someone acting on the victim’s behalf may apply.

You may not be eligible for a financial benefit if:

  • the crime did not happen in Alberta;
  • you were injured in a motor vehicle incident;
  • you have an extensive criminal record or criminal lifestyle;
  • your actions directly or indirectly contributed to your injuries; or
  • you were a witness to a crime (secondary victim).


Death Benefit

If the crime resulted in death, a surviving family member or any other person acting on behalf of the deceased may apply for the death benefit. Only one death benefit is awarded for a deceased victim and it may be shared among the eligible survivors.

Motor Vehicle Incidents

Injuries or deaths resulting from impaired driving or other criminal driving charges are not covered by the Financial Benefits Program. If you were injured in a motor vehicle incident, you may be eligible for the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program. For more information on the program, call 780-427-8255 or toll-free through Service Alberta at 310-0000 and enter 780-427-8255.

How do I apply?

Application forms are available from:

  • the Financial Benefits Program, 780-427-7217;
  • your local Victim Services Unit;
  •  your local police service; and
  • the Government of Alberta website,


There are two application forms available. If you were injured as a direct result of a violent crime in Alberta, complete the Injury Application. If the victim died as a direct result of the crime, complete the Death Benefit Application.

In almost all cases, a completed application form is the only information you will need to submit. Financial Benefits Program staff will obtain any police or medical reports to verify the information you provide on your application. All decisions on applications are provided in writing.

For further information contact:

Victims of Crime Financial Benefits Program
10th Floor, 10365 – 97 Street NW
Edmonton AB  T5J 3W7
Telephone: 780-427-7217
Fax: 780-422-4213
Toll-free through Service Alberta at 310-0000 and enter 780-427-7217
Web site: